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It is important to have a relaxing time while you are on the break before and after a meeting. When you are planning to rent a car on a business trip, it is important to choose wisely and efficiently. It is not only about making a good impression on the people or company you are doing the business with.

Rather, it is important to have a comfortable ride so that you can be at peace when you are on the way to the meeting or you are out of a meeting. The comfort is necessary so that you can clearly concentrate on the move which you are going to make in the business deal you are planning to ace. 


So in order to make it easy for you to rent a luxury vehicle, we are discussing 6 luxurious cars below;

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster
• Jaguar F-PACE 2.0
Range Rover Classic Autobiography Hybrid
• Nissan GTR
• Bentley Continental Flying Spur
• BMW 5 Series

1. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster

This car is for those travelling businessmen who like to travel fast, yet travel light. It is an open rooftop car which can give you a fresh breeze that can freshen up your mind and makes your day. 

2. BMW 5 Series

One of the most epic cars which you can hire for your executive purpose is one of the many BMW 5 Series. The engines are excellent, the performance is above the mark and the use of fuel is on its best economic level. Therefore, it makes you the greatest choice if you are looking for luxury on a business trip. 

3. Range Rover Classic Autobiography Hybrid

When you think of Range Rover, there is no other car which can compete with it. It is decent, classy, and approachable and you can easily depend on it if you are a multitasking person. If you are a practical businessman then you must get your hands on this car if you want to upgrade your business trip and make it luxurious. 

4. Bentley Continental Flying Spur

‘Big’ is the word which you would love to use for this car. It is big, it is luxurious, it has a class and it is your chance to make things great. It has twin turbo, an engine of 48 value W12 and it gives you great performance. 

5. Jaguar F-PACE 2.0

It’s the new car in the SUV line. SUVs are known for their luxurious interior and comfortability all around the world. If you are looking for comfort that is provided by a 4×4, then this is the right choice for you. This car is for all those businessmen who take their business everywhere with them even it means on the road. 

6. Nissan GTR

If you love playing with technology and want to use your laptop like an easy going phone or even below that just like a school boy’s reading tablet, then this car is your key. The technology packed car is for a guru who plays in the field of technology. 


The cars listed in this article make it easy for you to choose and decide what kind of luxury you prefer on your business trip. It is important to have a bit of luxury touch on your road trip to a business meeting when you are travelling on long routes and have tiring schedules. 

5 Famous Luxury Places to Stay in USA

In fact, everyone has ever dreamt of travelling like royalty, eating in Michelin-starred hotels and restaurants and also sleeping in the world’s ever expensive suites. 

Money and time for this kind of dream trips can seem to be a challenge but then it’s ever good to keep everything ready for in case a chance comes by. By being ready doesn’t mean you pack your belongings and wait for the day but then it means even doing research on the best hotels that you will consider as you will come across many of them. You need to look at rental24h.com to have more about this. If you plan to travel to the U.S, herein are luxury hotels to stay in while there:

The St. Regis New York

If you step foot in New York, you will find dozens of ultra-luxurious hotels and if you would not have done your research well, you will get confused about where to stay. The St. Regis is the place to be. This hotel has got a refined atmosphere and popular in offering some extraordinary services like for instance butlers on call 24-hours, it has guest rooms that are gorgeous, such a stunning Beaux Arts lobby, it’s a great avenue location, it offers a signature bath menu and also Clefs d’Or concierges among others. Actually, the level of luxury provided by this hotel can’t be found in any other hotel at the New York City.

Trump Tower and International Hotel 

This is Chicago top luxury hotel you should consider. When you will be visiting this hotel is when you will know how much tasteful it is. This hotel features a Michelin-rated restaurant having a first-rate spa, offering excellent services, and a gorgeous indoor pool. Experience the sweetest part of this luxurious hotel.

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

This luxurious hotel feels like a Tuscan villa in Dallas. The roof of this hotel is terra cotta; you will come across beautiful fountains, a pool surrounded by trellis plants and tile mosaics. The hotel is actually lavish just right from the bottom to the top, with a large grand lobby, renowned dining located at the Mansion Restaurant, upscale rooms with patios and offering outstanding services like for instance concierges and free car services.

Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino

This is a luxurious even fancier extension of Venetian Resort. The hotel has larger rooms of standard that contains a sunken living room and bedroom. These are the less masculine version of rooms that are warmer with all top-tier features. People coming here will have an opportunity to access all from the hotel’s Lamborghini showroom, the Christian Louboutin and many others. Make your way to this luxurious hotel to feel the experience in it.

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami

This is a 44-room luxurious hotel more upscale than any other in Miami, located right on top floors of JW Marriott. You will find iPads and flat-screen TVs in all rooms in this hotel and their bathrooms have been furnished with marble having separate showers and bathtubs, sleek décor and amazing views. It also has a large fitness centre equipped with modern machines. Get more from rental24h.com for you today.