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Top 5 Best Places To Visit While in Kansas

Kansas has so many places you cannot afford to miss whenever you visit this state. There are several places that have actually made this state popular not only in the U.S. but worldwide. Apart from vast fields of wheat and beautiful sunflowers, this place has a wonderful history, sophisticated and stylish urban centers as well as extensive grasslands for any traveler who visits this place to explore, learn and enjoy. 

During your trip to Kansas, do not forget to visit these top 7 places as you make your vacation a memorable one. 

1. Kansas Speedway

If you want to enjoy the speedy rides, then Kansas City is your place. It is not amazing that during fall and spring, the famous tri-oval race track (NASCAR) is held here. Equally, major racing events are held here all throughout the year. You can sign up for a driving class or just come here and witness the speedy rides and casinos. 

2. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden

For young guys, don’t forget to check out the eight wonder for the world. This is the famous S.P Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden. Here, you can actually go around the garden that has enormous sculptures and monuments that depict the famous Biblical scenes. The most amazing thing about this place is its history. Dinsmoor having been outlawed from burying his wife in his yard, removed her from one of the cemeteries in town by himself and enclosed her coffin with concreted sculpture so that nobody would move it! As time went by, he added more and more sculptures and named this place “The Garden of Eden”

3. Monument Rocks

These are massive rocks that can reach up to a height of 70 ft. tall. It is also possible to see the life of the fossils that are embedded in these rocks that make these huge chalk formations more impressive. Besides, you are able to find fossils for sale and you can buy them as souvenirs especially if you are a geology lover. 

These are massive rocks that can reach up to a height of 70 ft. tall. It is also possible to see the life of the fossils that are embedded in these rocks that make these huge chalk formations more impressive. Besides, you are able to find fossils for sale and you can buy them as souvenirs especially if you are a geology lover. 

4. Wichita City

Two famous museums are located in Wichita. Here, you are able to witness two important forces that were behind shaping the history of the west. You will learn a lot about the Native Americans as well as the cowboys who were part of the history of the west. Also, you can discover more about the life of the Plains Indians way before the colonial penetrations as well as get a sense of how life was in the 1870s. Explore the city using AVIS Wichita KS for the best travel experience.

5. Lee Richardson Zoo

This zoo is located in the Garden City. Recently, the zoo has been improved and updated. It is an amazing place to visit and enjoy to see lions, giraffes, and camels. An outstanding thing about this place is that it is absolutely free to the public. You may not want to miss this place. 

To sum it up, if you want to enjoy the visit to Kansas, you might need some form of transport, and if any, then you might need a car or a public form of transport to get you to these many amazing sight-seeing locations. If opting for hiring, then you may consider such companies as Wichita car rental to get you all that you need as you enjoy the visits in Kansas.

Best Romantic Destinations in the USA for travel loving couples

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. Love is capable of even melting the hardest rocks. We work 24*7 to keep our loved ones happy. Nothing is more exciting than going on a road trip with our loved ones. In our life’s journey, the road trips we take with the people we love will be remembered forever. There are many amazing road trip destinations awaiting your arrival in the USA.

To your surprise, even if you come to the USA from other foreign countries, you can use convertible rental cars to take a thrilling road trip. Rental24h convertible is available around the world so you can avail it anytime and anywhere. Spare a few minutes to fix your destination. Let’s take a short tour to spend our valuable time.

The loveable long trips

Long trips always excite young romantic couples. If you are planning for a honeymoon trip or a trip to celebrate your anniversary or birthday imagine yourself listening to soft melodies or jazz music in your car and waving your hands out of the window to enjoy the cool breeze. Isn’t romantic? Yes, it is. Rental24h convertible gives you the opportunity to go wherever you you want. Just pick any one place from the following destination.

New Mexico to The Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

This is the best gateway for history lovers. Once you accelerate your car in New Mexico you have to slow down to see a few wonderful places like UFO Museum in Rowell, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, where you can visit the oldest churches and walk on the streets of Old town. You can observe many old mines when you travel between the rocks of the San Juan Mountains. For vintage lovers, this will be the exact roadway to explore.

Pacific Coast Highway
, California

California State Route 1 is also called the Pacific Coast Highway. You can take a hundred miles journey through this highway from Monterey to Morro Bay. You can view the beauty of the Pacific coast and experience how people enjoy surfing. If you plan for a romantic dinner, you can check in to Casanova which is highly recommended for romantic dinners. If you are from abroad, you can hire a car to enjoy your trip. The availability of rental cars is high so you can use the facility. Rental24h convertible will sever you anytime readily. 

Yosemite National Park

There is nothing wrong in doing what makes your blood race. An adventurous couple can take the road to Yosemite National Park and observe the stunning beauty of the park by renting a car from Rental24h convertible. You can go rock climbing and to Death Valley. Those who love biking will definitely enjoy this place. Horseback riding in this place is very famous worldwide.

US Route 1 Maina or The East coast

Florida is fantastically fabulous so it is worth traveling 2,450 miles from Maine to Florida. You will pass through the beautiful beaches of Kennebunkport, where you can see a lot of whales and seals. During this trip, you will not only enjoy nature but also cherish history. You can visit the Seashore Trolley Museum, the oldest electric railway museum, and the magnificent Portland Head Light. This trip will be a blend of natural and historic trip.

Napa Valley
, California

The journey to Napa Valley is very exciting and the most romantic Wine Train will make you feel the heaven. The wineries will excite you to the core. You can spend your time in five-star spas and enjoy the Pullman cars in the Wine Train. Napa Valley will give you a new experience.

Why are you waiting? From the above list, you can pick a suitable place for your trip and pack your baggage. You need not worry about the travel because Rental24h convertible will offer you the best service in providing rental cars. So be ready to accelerate your car. 

5 Famous Luxury Places to Stay in USA

In fact, everyone has ever dreamt of travelling like royalty, eating in Michelin-starred hotels and restaurants and also sleeping in the world’s ever expensive suites. 

Money and time for this kind of dream trips can seem to be a challenge but then it’s ever good to keep everything ready for in case a chance comes by. By being ready doesn’t mean you pack your belongings and wait for the day but then it means even doing research on the best hotels that you will consider as you will come across many of them. You need to look at rental24h.com to have more about this. If you plan to travel to the U.S, herein are luxury hotels to stay in while there:

The St. Regis New York

If you step foot in New York, you will find dozens of ultra-luxurious hotels and if you would not have done your research well, you will get confused about where to stay. The St. Regis is the place to be. This hotel has got a refined atmosphere and popular in offering some extraordinary services like for instance butlers on call 24-hours, it has guest rooms that are gorgeous, such a stunning Beaux Arts lobby, it’s a great avenue location, it offers a signature bath menu and also Clefs d’Or concierges among others. Actually, the level of luxury provided by this hotel can’t be found in any other hotel at the New York City.

Trump Tower and International Hotel 

This is Chicago top luxury hotel you should consider. When you will be visiting this hotel is when you will know how much tasteful it is. This hotel features a Michelin-rated restaurant having a first-rate spa, offering excellent services, and a gorgeous indoor pool. Experience the sweetest part of this luxurious hotel.

Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

This luxurious hotel feels like a Tuscan villa in Dallas. The roof of this hotel is terra cotta; you will come across beautiful fountains, a pool surrounded by trellis plants and tile mosaics. The hotel is actually lavish just right from the bottom to the top, with a large grand lobby, renowned dining located at the Mansion Restaurant, upscale rooms with patios and offering outstanding services like for instance concierges and free car services.

Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino

This is a luxurious even fancier extension of Venetian Resort. The hotel has larger rooms of standard that contains a sunken living room and bedroom. These are the less masculine version of rooms that are warmer with all top-tier features. People coming here will have an opportunity to access all from the hotel’s Lamborghini showroom, the Christian Louboutin and many others. Make your way to this luxurious hotel to feel the experience in it.

Hotel Beaux Arts Miami

This is a 44-room luxurious hotel more upscale than any other in Miami, located right on top floors of JW Marriott. You will find iPads and flat-screen TVs in all rooms in this hotel and their bathrooms have been furnished with marble having separate showers and bathtubs, sleek décor and amazing views. It also has a large fitness centre equipped with modern machines. Get more from rental24h.com for you today.